Dry shipping containers are fully closed in from the elements. We have 10 ft, 20 ft and 40 ft dry shipping containers for sale NZ wide as well as hire options. General-purpose dry containers are manufactured from steel and are suitable for most types of cargo and storage solutions.

Our hire fleet is made of new and nearly new containers that are of very high quality. They all come with a lock box for added security.


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20ft dry container 20ft dry container

10ft Containers For Sale and Hire

These containers are ideal for residential, business, retail and industrial dry storage, or for use as a garden shed. Space can be hard to come by so if you are restricted, this container is a perfect solution.

The 10 foot container comes with both a single and double door option.10ft dry container 10ft dry container

20ft Containers For Sale and Hire

These high-quality containers are weather and vermin proof. The 20 foot container is ideal for construction site storage, household items, retail stock overflow, quad bikes, motor bikes, general storage and many more applications. 20ft hire side

20ft hire door end

40ft Containers For Sale and Hire

The high cube 40 ft container is 300mm higher than the standard height container, which makes it the perfect solution for storing or transporting large objects.

A secure storage option for cars, retail, stock, archives, farm machinery and anything else that you want to keep safe. The 40 foot containers are large and will require a bigger area to accommodate its size.

If you’re unsure about anything, don’t hesitate to call us and ask one of our friendly experts for some advice.

Doorand side view.jpg

Economy Grade Containers

The economy grade containers are the perfect cheaper solution for your storage or shipping needs. These containers are wind and watertight and any major rust and corrosion have been removed and spot primed.

While these containers may have dents, and the floor may be marked and/or stained, they will still be able to store your items safely and effectively.

They are ideal for on-site storage, people on a budget, or those not too concerned with the physical appearance of the container.40ft Economy Grade 20ft Economy Grade

Standard Grade Containers

This is a refurbished container with all rust and corrosion removed. These come painted inside in light grey, and outside in a choice of four standard colours, dark blue, light grey, green and brown.

These units are ideal for customers who require low cost storage units but want to have a tidy container and represent fantastic value for money.

20ft Standard Grade 20ft Standard Grade

C.S.C. Containers (Certificate of Safe Cargo)


C.S.C. containers are certified to be shipped overseas as long as the certification is valid at the time of shipping. ContainerCo employs staff who are licensed by the Ministry of Transport to carry out inspections and issue C.S.C. certificates.

ContainerCo is one of New Zealand’s top providers of shipping container sales and hires, as well as container modification. Our containers’ uses extend to pop-up shops and cafes, off-site storage, transportation, portable buildings, portable shipping container accommodation and much more.

If you need your items to be stored or shipped safely and effectively while being completely closed in from the elements, then you can buy containers from ContainerCo for that exact purpose.

Call us today or enquire online and ask about our wide range of container options.

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