How Are Shipping Containers Repaired?

Shipping Containers undergo frequent travelling and are exposed to extensive damage and aggressive weather conditions including wind and water while protecting their cargo. Designed to withstand significant wear and tear, these durable steel containers can last for years.

Travelling along the ocean, these containers are blasted with corrosive saltwater which chips away at the paint. Being lifted onto and off boats via cranes or transported from location to location can cause small dents which can potentially lead to further damage when not addressed.

Fixing containers that have experienced small amounts of damage is essential for ensuring the durability and future protection of the contents of the container. Whether you are looking for a 10 ft, 40 ft or 20 ft container for sale in Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton or Christchurch - ContainerCo has the perfect solution for purchasing or hiring containers.


Rusting is a problem that can occur with Shipping Containers over time. Especially used or older containers. When first constructed, the containers are freshly coated with a thick layer of paint to protect the steel from the elements. Over time, this paint can chip away from external damage or wear down from the elements.

Just like how you would regularly paint your house to protect the wood, shipping containers need to be topped up with paint to protect the strong, durable metal underneath.

Some areas of a shipping container are more prone to rust than others including the welds, seams, bottom areas of the door, sides near the ground and any damaged sections that have received dents.

Sandblasting can remove most surface rust simply requiring a prime and paint afterwards. Deeper holes and significant rust needs to be cut out before the container is suitable for use. Usually, a new piece of metal is welded on. Alternatively, a UV light hardened fibreglass polyester patch is added which hardens similarly to steel.

Regular inspection and touch-ups are always recommended.

Rotting floors

Rotting floors are another issue containers can face. Made from one-inch-thick marine-grade plywood, these containers are durable and made to last. On the inside, these containers can incur significant amounts of damage from storing the goods and moving them in and out of the container. This causes pressure, scraping and gouging along the floor.

Older containers that have not had their seals replaced may also be subject to water damage which may further injure the integrity of the flooring causing it to rot. Relatively inexpensive and easy to replace, the interior of these containers can be fixed quite quickly. However, t is important to locate where the water is coming from to fix the problem at its source.

Replacing the door seals

Brand new shipping containers are completely weatherproof and vermin proof. This is largely due to the seals that are placed at any openings including doors and windows. Over time these seals may warp or become damaged. As a result, they may need to be replaced to ensure the container stays dry.

Warped or damaged doors may further affect the integrity of these seals. One of the most important repairs for a shipping container, these need to be replaced by a professional.

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Refrigerated container repairs

Refrigerated containers are no exception to needing repairs on the seals, doors, windows and walls. The refrigerated unit must also be checked and serviced by a trained professional to ensure it is functioning at its best and not at risk of breaking down.

Container modification

Another important concept to entertain is container modification in NZ. Seeing a recent upwards trend, it is important to understand how this modification may affect the durability of the container - especially if it has not been done by an expert.

The best method for repairing a container is to constantly monitor the condition of the container and undertake preventative maintenance.

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