The Creation And Use Of Shipping Containers

Shipping containers may seem like very simple, large and rectangular blocks. However, there are many different aspects that make each container unique. Accessories, modifications to the container and cooling for refrigerated storage provide alternative solutions.

The types of shipping containers

There are three main types of standard shipping containers:

  • 10ft shipping containers
  • 20ft shipping containers
  • 40ft shipping containers

These containers are designed to sustain extreme conditions such as attacks from wind and water. This makes them suitable for all storage options including fragile and dangerous goods.

Made largely from steel for added durability. The steal is pressed into a solid sheet. It is then cut into pieces and corrugated on the sides and top for extra strength (depending on if you have an open-top container or side opening containers in NZ, this process will vary). This is then welded to the rails and end frames with square tubing added to the roof.

The doors of a container are made separately and once prepared are welded to the rest of the container. The inside is then primed and painted for extra protection against the elements. Rubber seals are added for an airtight and watertight container.

We also offer insulated and refrigerated storage. Temperature control offers an excellent storage and transportation solution for goods that have a short shelf life. Insulation is also beneficial in a portable building as it helps maintain heat within the container.

Refrigerated containers for sale NZ. Here is a refrigerated 20 ft shipping container for sale.

Our 40 foot on offer for both sale and hire has a high cube. Extra care has to be taken to maintain structural integrity, whilst also providing verticle space for more efficient storage and transportation.

Buy containers from one of our depots around the country and have them modified by our highly-skilled engineers. We can modify our containers on-site for full side access, flat racks, windows, doors, open sides and extra protection from wind and water. This is ideal for all purposes including creating a site office, portable buildings, a portable workshop, classrooms and even a café.

ContainerCo - Shipping Container Hires and Sales

At ContainerCo we have shipping containers for sale NZ wide in a range of sizes and configurations. You can hire for short term or long term. As an alternative, purchasing containers can offer a more permanent solution to your needs. We have 40 ft, 20 ft and 10 ft shipping containers for sale NZ wide.

We have containers for sale in Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland, Waikato and NZ-wide. Or try hiring containers in Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland, and NZ-wide. Our containers range from 10 ft, 20 ft and 40 ft containers for sale.

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