Open Top Shipping Containers - Benefits and Uses

Open top containers are one of the most common and useful shipping container modifications. While the modification is pretty simple, it can make transportation and storage of certain good much, much easier.

Open top containers are exactly the same as regular shipping containers, except they have a fully open top(as the name suggests) which is generally covered by a strong rubber tarpaulin.

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Benefits Of Open Top Shipping Containers

Having an open top on your shipping container can make storing and transporting over-sized or oddly-shaped items less of a hassle as you aren’t restricted to the normal confines of regular shipping containers.

Having the open tops can open up opportunities to store items you wouldn’t normally be able to, increasing the number and range of items you can store and ship with your shipping container.

Some common items that are shipped and stored in open-top containers are:

  • Large machinery
  • Construction vehicles
  • Rocks, minerals and ore
  • Construction debris

Having the open top will also allow for easier loading and unloading of heavy objects with a crane.

Uses For Open Top Shipping Containers

Thanks to these added benefits, open top containers offer a range of practical uses.

Storage - Thanks to the easier access and ability to store larger items, these containers are perfect as a storage solution.

Transporting Goods - Due to the increased functionality and open top access, transporting certain items (large, over-sized or oddly-shaped) is much easier with an open top container.

open top shipping containeropen top container

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