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Modifying Shipping Containers To Perfection

Our highly-skilled and experienced team can modify shipping containers to customer specifications and provide limitless options.

Container modifications allow for an endless list of designs and practical solutions for your budding or established business. Our many years of experience has resulted in a vast portfolio of unique structures, including homes, kiosks, offices and more! Meticulous attention to detail is carried out with every modification job we execute. Modify with ContainerCo to ensure nothing but the highest standard of build quality. 

Expanding shipping container use outside of transport and storage, ContainerCo’s expert container modifiers can alter shipping containers to your desired specifications for your construction office, swimming pool, bar, eatery or unique home. All of our shipping containers are robust, closed-off from wind & water, and can provide all the necessary security you need with optional lockboxes available. 

A Huge Variety of Specialised and General Purpose Solutions

We have provided countless people and businesses with practical and affordable solutions such as…


Other specifications

Flat Racks, Open Top, Side Door, Double Door, Removal & Relocation Options

We don’t have a cut-and-paste method for modifying shipping containers; we can accommodate a variety of modifications for a variety of shipping container types. ContainerCo also has an extensive portfolio of modifying the following shipping containers: 

Transporting a bulky or odd-shaped modified shipping container can cause a headache for many. At ContainerCo, we always have your back, don’t worry. We provide shipping container removals and relocation services, making it easier for you.

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