Tauranga 'decades' behind Hamilton, deputy PM told

Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson has admitted that levels of investment in Tauranga aren’t where they should be, but says the city’s “calling card” to government should be innovation and a willingness to “do things differently”.

Refrigerated Shipping Container for Hire

Use Our ICEBOX for Your Chilled Storage Needs

3 phase 20ft and 40ft ICEBOX containers have a chill to freeze range of -35°C to +30°C. Single phase 20 ft Icebox has a chill ...
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Shipping Container for Storage Solutions

Need Space? Sorted

Looking for a ready-to-go secure storage solution or workspace? As a full-service logistics provider, we have a large fleet of new and used shipping containers ...
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Why You Should Look For A Refrigerated Container For Sale

Looking for a refrigerated container for sale can be an intelligent choice for various reasons, especially if you have specific storage or transportation needs that ...
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Modified Shipping Containers Can Help Your Business

How Can A Modified Shipping Containers Benefit My Business

Modified shipping containers can offer numerous benefits to your business, depending on your industry and specific needs. Our highly skilled team at ContainerCo can modify ...
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Dry shipping containers. Buy containers or container hiring.

How A Shipping Container Can Be Used For Storage

While shipping containers are well-known for being hauled across the world, there has become a growing use for them right here at home. Who would ...
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How A 20 ft Shipping Container Is Packed For Transportation

How To Safely Ship Dangerous Goods In A Shipping Container

Shipping dangerous goods can be a challenging process, but with the right planning and precautions, it can be done safely and efficiently. As a leading ...
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How to store goods using container hire.

Different Types of Shipping Containers Available For Hire 

ContainerCo prides itself on providing a comprehensive range of shipping containers for hire to meet the diverse needs of businesses. As a business owner, you ...
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How Can A Repurposed Shipping Container Benefit You?

Shipping containers were initially designed to transport goods across long distances via sea, rail, or road. However, they have now become a popular option for ...
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How Are Shipping Containers Protected From Heat and Cold?

Shipping containers are a common sight at New Zealand ports, industrial sites, and construction sites around the world. These steel boxes are used to transport ...
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5 Reasons You Should Buy A 20 ft Shipping Container

20 ft shipping containers have come a long way from just being a mode of transportation for goods across the ocean. Today, shipping containers have ...
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Questions You Should Ask Before Buying A Shipping Container

A shipping container can be a great investment for storage, transportation, or even a unique living space. However, before making a purchase, it’s important to ...
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Can You Live Inside A Shipping Container? 

Living healthily inside a shipping container would have been considered a pipe dream decades ago, but is now a possibility. With the advancement of technology ...
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