Shipping Container Sizes

Shipping containers come in three standard sizes

The following are the internal and external dimensions for each type of shipping container. Please note that container dimensions may vary slightly depending on the factory origin. Below specifications should be used as a guide, but the external dimensions will always remain the same.

If your items have unusual dimensions or are exceptionally bulky, don’t despair! We also provide specialty shipping containers, with different kinds of access, to fit your over-height or over-width cargo. 

External Dimensions Internal Dimensions
Length Width Height Length Width Height
10' General Purpose 3m 2.44m 2.59m 2.90m 2.35m 2.39m
20' General Purpose 6m 2.44m 2.59m 5.90m 2.35m 2.39m
40' General Purpose 12m 2.44m 2.59m 11.90m 2.35m 2.39m
10' High Cube 3m 2.44m 2.90m 2.90m 2.35m 2.70m
20' High Cube 6m 2.44m 2.90m 5.90m 2.35m 2.70m
40' High Cube 12m 2.44m 2.90m 11.90m 2.35m 2.70m

Unsure of what you need? ContainerCo have an experienced team who can help you find the shipping container that best suits your storage or modification needs. 

or freephone 0508 732 873 with your questions

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