Shipping Container Removals and Relocations

10, 20 and 40 ft Container Removals and Relocation Services

Much more than a provider of 10 ft, 20 ft, and 40 ft shipping containers, ContainerCo are also an expert at relocating containers throughout the country. You may need to move your container to a new location that is both secure and safe from the elements. Alternatively, you may want to transport large goods or high quantities of items to another, more convenient location. 

Our main methods of transporting our shipping containers are by truck using a hiab crane or tilt tray. 

Shipping containers can ensure absolute security as they are wind-proof, weatherproof, vermin-proof and made of steel. We have the skillset and vehicles to transport your desired shipping container to any location NZ-wide. Once finished, our team can ensure that your hired shipping container can be returned to our nearest 12 depots throughout the country. 

Large or Oversized Items

ContainerCo not only offers a wide range of 10 ft, 20 ft, and 40 ft containers, but we also offer an extensive range of high-ball, open-top and side-opening shipping containers. These are the perfect variations to accommodate large, heavy, or oversized items. As a way of easing access, these variations make large-scale loading an absolute breeze. Avoid playing Tetris with your items, and maximise your efficiency with our special shipping containers.  

Furthermore, the open-top containers can accommodate large items with protruding parts, such as vehicles with equipment or machinery attached.


Rest assured that ContainerCo can transport your items securely and safely to your desired location. Regardless of oddly shaped, fragile, or bulky items, our experienced team is no stranger to hauling massive or sensitive items across the country safely and efficiently. 

Say goodbye to needless stress and difficulty when you partner with ContainerCo to transport your belongings long distances. Our highly knowledgeable team will offload your shipping container to your destination, allowing for simple packing and loading. After you’re completed, we can return to collect the container and transport it back to the depot or to your desired location. We have the capability to transport containers via rail, road or sea.

Leave the Transporting to Us!

Our shipping container relocation service will remove the stress and hassle of removing and transporting your container.

We have specialised equipment to aid in the removal and transport of your shipping container so you know it is in good hands, and that your items will be transported safely and efficiently.

Shipping Container Transport and Storage Solutions

Depending on your needs, ContainerCo can provide you with shipping containers NZ-wide. Available for both sale and lease, our shipping containers are an excellent choice for storing or transporting large-scale goods within New Zealand or abroad. 

ContainerCo is proudly a leading New Zealand supplier of high-quality dry shipping containers, special shipping containers and container modification

Our containers have been used for several different purposes: chilling/freezing storage, pop-up shops and cafes, off-site storage, transportation, portable structures, accommodation, and much more. We have 40ft, 20ft and 10ft shipping containers for sale and rental NZ-wide.

We proudly operate 12 depots nationwide; we are sure to have a container suited to your requirements. If you are unsure or have any questions, give us a free call today at 0508 73 28 73 or enquire online, and our experts will be able to advise the best course of action for you.

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