Shipping Container Anatomy And Configurations

Shipping containers were originally invented for transporting goods over the ocean. This means they were created to be sturdy and durable, able to withstand harsh amounts of wind and water. Made from steel, these seemingly basic objects actually have a lot of really important and intricate attributes that make them long-lasting and beneficial for transportation by land or shipping and storage of goods.

Containers are similarly structured to most houses with walls, a floor and a roof. However, containers are superior in that they are designed to hold their own weight, the weight of their contents and the weight of multiple containers on top of them. Designed in a rectangular/ cube shape, they are completely stackable and can hook together becoming unmovable.

At ContainerCo, we have 10 ft, 40 ft and 20 ft containers for sale. A standard shipping container can be broken up into four main parts.


The floors of a shipping container have been strategically structured to withstand heavy loads and be lifted up into the air by cranes. Inside, the base contains a steel cross. Over the top of this cross, marine-grade plywood is then placed over the top for the ultimate strength and to provide a stable floor for items to sit on top. The very base of the container has fork pockets perfect for the use of a forklift to transport the shipping containers from one space to the next.


The walls of a shipping container are the feature that receives the brunt of the force during travel. Dents, cracks and rusting at the top or bottom near the seal can affect the durability of the container. This then needs to be treated and fixed before the shipping container goes on extensive trips.

Most shipping containers consist of two main walls. However, we also offer side opening containers in NZ. These containers have doors that fully open on one side for easy access into the entire container. This is especially beneficial for items placed on pallets.


The roof of a shipping container is the part of the container that surprisingly requires the most attention. Holding everything together, it receives the highest amount of exposure to the elements. Wind, water and sun batter down on the container during transportation and storage.

Corrugated for extra strength, the roof of a steel shipping container is specifically designed to hold together it’s own container and provide a structured space for the container above to sit.


The doors of a shipping container open 270 degrees for easy access into the container and to allow forklifts to load and unload pallets. Made from super-strength steel, these doors have sturdy lock rods, cam keepers and handle to secure the door shut. With rubber seals and gaskets, the doors on a shipping container have been meticulously designed for ultimate water and weather tightness.


While the standard shipping container features have been listed, container modifications are an alternative option frequently used. We offer open top shipping containers, side opening shipping container, high cube containers and flat racks. We can also add in plumbing, electricity, windows and doors.

At ContainerCo we offer dry, modified and refrigerated containers for sale in NZ.

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