A First for Transporting Shipping Containers in NZ

Shipping container transport is a large part of our business at ContainerCo. Whether purchasing or hiring containers, they will need to be transported to a preferred location quickly and efficiently.

We recently went into a funding partnership with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) to identify an energy-efficient solution to our transportation needs. This partnership has proved to be fruitful and we have proudly introduced New Zealand’s first electric (eHV) container delivery vehicle this month.

The Isuzu eHV is the largest electric vehicle to operate on New Zealand roads and will be able to carry up to three 20 ft containers between Port & Rail facilities and ContainerCo depots in Auckland.


The addition of this truck to our fleet will not only benefit our business but our customers and the general public as well.

Being an electric vehicle, the truck will operate silently, reducing noise pollution and allowing us to make deliveries in urban environments, at any time of the day, without disturbing residents. This will also allow our facilities to remain open for longer and let us take more direct routes when making deliveries. The increase in efficiency can’t be overstated and will be of huge benefit to our customers.

There is, of course, the environmental impact as well. We expect this unit will be the first of many and hope we can provide a positive example of more environmentally-friendly transportation options for other businesses in New Zealand and around the world.

“We operate our container hire, sales and services businesses from sites right around the country and the ability to silently and cleanly move stock to and from rail and ports in urban environments is a big step forward.” - Chief Managing Director, Ken Harris.

Future Plans

This eHV is just the first step in an ambitious long-term project to transition many of ContainerCo’s operating vehicles to more environmentally-friendly fuel sources.

“ContainerCo operates facilities that handle hundreds of thousands of shipping containers around the country and with innovation we can electrify a wide range of our vehicles including forklifts, cranes, and support vehicles.” - Chief Managing Director, Ken Harris.

EHV Shipping Container Transportation

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