Shipping Containers - Should I Hire or Should I Buy?

So you’ve decided you need a container. But how do you know if you should hire one or buy one? In this article, we will outline a few reasons for both and, hopefully, help you decide which option is best for you.

With the range of containers available, finding the right one to suit your needs shouldn’t be hard. At ContainerCo we have 40 ft containers, 20 ft containers and 10 ft shipping containers for sale NZ-wide. We can also provide shipping container modifications NZ-wide, meaning you can have your container modified to suit nearly any specific purpose.

With that in mind, let’s start with some reasons for hiring a shipping container:

  • Temporary Storage - If you need some temporary lockable storage, hiring a container is the perfect short-term storage solution. It will allow you to store your possessions safely until the storage is no longer required.
  • Seasonal Storage - Many people have work that is seasonal, meaning certain equipment or clothing is only required at certain times of the year. When the equipment isn’t required, you can hire a container and store your items safely until needed again - at which point you can return the container so it isn’t costing you or taking up space.
  • Event/Festival - Companies and event organisers are seeing the benefits of hiring containers for their one-off events. With the range of modifications and sizes, as well as temperature controlled refrigerated shipping containers available, they can hire as many as they need for the weekend/week/month then send them back once they're done.
  • Transport - Transporting large, over-sized or oddly-shaped items safely is a stressful endeavour. Being able to hire a container large enough to complete the task makes it much more bearable. At ContainerCo you can hire a container with a side door (for those oddly-shaped items), secure lock boxes and rest assured your items are safe from wind and water in a secure, dry storage container. Once the journey is complete simply return the container - easy as that!

Reasons to buy shipping containers:

  • Long Term Storage - If you plan on storing items for several years, it becomes more economical to simply purchase a container out right. For larger items, we have 40 ft and 20 ft containers for sale, or 10 ft containers for smaller/fewer items.
  • Customisation - When hiring a container you may be allowed some minor modifications, but if you want extensive customisation you will need to purchase the shipping container.
  • Long-Term Cold Storage - At ContainerCo we have refrigerated containers for sale NZ-wide. If you’re going to be needing refrigerated or frozen storage for a long time, it is more cost-effective to buy the container.
  • Transport - If you’re going to be transporting or shipping large goods on a regular basis, owning a container will make the process much easier. Whether you’re shipping between the North Island and South Island or overseas, you will face fewer restrictions than if you hired the container.

The main thing to think about when deciding if you should hire or buy a shipping container is the length of time you will need it for. If it’s a long term requirement then, generally speaking, buying one is the more cost-effective option. If you’re only needing the container for a few weeks or months, then it is usually more economical to simply hire it for that period.

At ContainerCo we can provide you with shipping containers in a range of sizes for many purposes. We have containers for sale Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and NZ-wide, as well as container hires Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and NZ-wide.

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