Refrigerated Shipping Containers – Benefits And Uses


The Perfect Solution For Your Chilly Needs

Refrigerated shipping containers, also known in the industry as reefer containers, are temperature controlled containers used to store and transport perishable and temperature-sensitive items such as meats, dairy, fruits, plants and more.

When shipping containers were first invented, they changed the way goods were transported. Therefore, hey lower shipping times, make loading and unloading faster to the ports and export areas. Unfortunately, they still had a problem for storing and transporting cold items.

Thankfully, some engineers went to work and came up with the insulated container which would soon be known as the the reefer container.

How Do Refrigerated Containers Work?

The goods inside Reefers are kept cool by circulating cold air in the container. Next, the cold air is pumped at the bottom of the container which then moves around and over the items before exiting the container at the top of the unit back around to the refrigeration system


What Are Refrigerated Shipping Containers Used For?

While they are mainly used for moving cold cargo, there are many other times reefer containers can come in handy:

Portable Cold Storage 

This is particularly popular with festival and event organisers. Subsequently, any festival or event that will have hundreds or thousands of visitors needs to be able to provide food to those visitors. Having a large, portable cold storage container can make things much easier.

Factory/Lab Storage Solutions 

Factories or laboratories that deal with sensitive foods and raw materials need to ensure they have plenty of storage space for said foods. Thus. running out of space simply isn’t an option as it will result in unhappy customers, clients and suppliers. As a result, many factories and labs have cottoned on to the idea of using refrigerated containers as extra storage for their items thanks to the relatively low cost of obtaining and running them.

Disaster Relief 

Reefer shipping containers have been used effectively in transporting necessary items to affected areas for years. Being able to move vast quantities of medicine, food and other life-saving goods effectively and quickly is vital to bring relief to people and areas that have suffered through a disaster.

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