Refrigerated Containers

Single vs three phase power supply

ContainerCo’s refrigerated containers come in 3 sizes and two different power supplies.

3 Phase refrigerated containers

3 Phase refrigerated containers come in 10, 20 and 40 foot sizes. They require a 3 phase 32 amp power supply. There are different types of 3-phase plugs, so when choosing a 3 phase refrigerated container, it is important to let us know what type of power outlet you have on your site.

The temperature range is from +18°C to -40°C.

Commercial and industrial facilities usually operate using a three-phase power supply.
Three-phase power supplies tend to accommodate higher loads, and delivers power at a steady, constant rate. However, do note that operating costs for three-phase reefers can be substantially more than single-phase refrigerated shipping containers. 

Single phase refrigerated containers

Single phase refrigerated containers come in 20ft only.

These cold storage shipping containers use a 15 amp 240v power supply. The operating temperature range is + 10°C to -20°C. These units are very power efficient, providing savings of up to 60% when compared with the three phase option. The single phase reefer comes with internal lighting, personnel door, emergency release door as standard fittings.

Residential homes usually come with single-phase power supply systems. 

Unsure of whether your home or workplace has single or three phases connected? Take a quick look at your power outlet:

Single phase power plug for refrigerated shipping container

Single phase power outlets

Our single phase power units use New Zealand's standardised power sockets and plugs (Type I). Our single phase reefers can come with either NZ standard power plugs, or IP66 waterproof plugs

Three phase power plug for ContainerCo reefers

3-phase power outlets

Three-phase outlets have at least four slots. Do note that there are different types of three-phase power outlets, so do let us know what type of power outlet you have onsite.

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